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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Need To Know

CP: How do you determine who needs to know information you'd classify as need-to-know?
ME: Someone with a vested interest in the result?
MICE ELF: Someone with whom I must interact. Phor them to understand my needs, they must needs be privy. 
ME: Indeed.
CP: If you have a registry, for a baby, wedding, new college student, divorce, whatever, would you include the business at which you chose to "register" as a need-to-know participant"?
ME: It'd be a rather large surprise to everyone if people started ordering products and they had no advance knowledge they were the supplier of said products. 
MICE ELF: It would also be confusing when all the purchasers placed orders only to be told "we have nothing under that name". 
CP: Precisely. 
ME: I have a pheeling this is leading us into another lesson you recently taught someone. 
MICE ELF: Why do we continue to answer CP's rhetorical questions? We should know better by now. 
CP: Because you're stuck with me and if I didn't have you inside my head, the people reading this would think I'm crazy. 
ME: Oh, you're a little off alright. 
MICE ELF: On with it!
CP: Right. 

Patient Approaching Counter Knowing Early is Refill: Did Dr. Zoffis call in my refill today?
CP: They did. 
PACKER: Is it ready?
CP: It is not. It is too soon. 
PACKER: I told them I was going on vacation. 
CP: Who is "them"?
PACKER: Dr. Zoffis. 
CP: Who else did you tell you were taking a holiday? The post office? Your newspaper delivery person? Your credit card company? The bank? The person caring phor your pets? Us?
PACKER: Yes. All of them. 
CP: Except us.
PACKER: If my Dr. calls it in, you should know I need it. 
CP: Obviously you NEED it. It's a maintenance medication. But based on your philling history, you don't NEED it TODAY. You also have refills on the previous prescription so we were a little confused as to why we received this today. We just phigured you had a visit and Dr. Zoffis was being proactive and calling in refills at your appointment like a good little Zoffis should. 
PACKER: Well how do I get my medication?
CP: Call us, the pharmacy, explain you are going on vacation and will need and early refill to get you through. We will ask your departure and return dates, just to be nosy but also because some insurances ask when we call for the override. If they don't allow for an override, we can work on alternatives to get you your refill. If you were really on the ball, you would've called your insurance already. 
PACKER: I did. 
CP: And?
PACKER: They said if you called them, they would approve it. 
CP: So you called everyone except the terminal link in the chain? The one who really needed to know this information in order to do their job and provide you with the medication?
PACKER: I guess. 
CP: And you're somehow mad at me?
PACKER: Yes. I need my medication. 
CP: May your phlight experience turbulence and your luggage get lost and your hotel have bed bugs. 

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