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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Mutually Exclusive

CP: CP's Caps and Pills. How may I help you?
Human Understanding Horribly: I have a complaint. 
CP: Just one?
HUH: Yes. 
CP: Name?
CP: Ok. Go ahead with your grievance. 
HUH: You shorted me. 
CP: <checks computer, {phew, wasn't me}> Ok. And how did you arrive at this conclusion?
HUH: The bottle isn't full. 
CP: You say "the bottle is not phull"?
HUH: Yes. 
CP: Hmm. They're really tiny tablets. They don't take up much space, like children. 
HUH: Well the bottle wasn't full so I was shorted. 
CP: By that logic, we have shorted you nearly every time. This is a refill. How is this the first time you've thought to bring it to our attention; or to notice?
HUH: I noticed it was almost empty so I knew you shorted me this time. 
CP: The bottle is nearly never phull. The bottles we receive often have 500 or 1000 tablets in them and even THEY aren't phull. We don't have packages designed to phit every conceivable dispensing quantity. Even if we did, there would be no way to phit the large labels required. 
HUH: "Well, if you say so, I guess I have to believe you, but it doesn't make sense."
CP: It doesn't have to make sense phor it to be true. 


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