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Thursday, February 26, 2015

UpCharges and Pharmacy Phees

Pharmacies should look into modeling their services and fees on the airline industry. If ever there were an ideal model of how to run a barebones operation it's the airlines.
The following offers/price schedules would be the norm: 

1. Your first 2 prescriptions are free to process. Each additional prescription filled that day will incur an additional processing fee. 
2. Electronic prescriptions and faxes will be processed for free, following Rule #1, while handwritten hard copies presented at the counter will incur an additional fee. (Exemptions for controls that must be handwritten in states that haven't caught up and passed the requisite laws just yet.)
3. If your prescription must be dispensed in multiple bottles (i.e. 180 Metformin 1000mg) there will be an additional charge for the extra label, vial and cap.
4. Any changes made to your prescription once it has been finalised (billing changes, quantity changes, coupon cards, etc) will result in additional fees.
5. Prescriptions not picked up and returned to stock will be assessed a restocking fee.
6. Prescriptions that have been restocked that you now wish to purchase will be charged the original copay, the restocking fee, the new copay, plus an additional "convenience" charge.
7. You must have your photo ID ready at pick up on all prescriptions and the name on the ID must match the name sent by the prescriber and the name we have on file.
8. Counseling is mandatory and FREE at time of purchase only. Any questions asked once the register transaction is completed will be assessed additional fees based on type of question asked and duration of consultation.
9. Your prescriptions have the right to be "bumped" for higher priority patients (sick children, emergencies, etc) if our queue is full. You will be compensated by having the additional prescription fee waived on a future fill date.
10. You must check in at the ticket counter (drop off) before going to the gate (pick up) to ensure your flight (prescription) is ready and arriving on time. If not, please have a seat in the lounge (waiting area) where you will be called to board.  

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