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Monday, March 2, 2015

New Directions

I read with caution the following article discussing the possibility of mandating bilingual labels. http://drugtopics.modernmedicine.com/drug-topics/news/should-california-require-bilingual-drug-labels

My question is: Where does it stop?
When I worked near a university, we had professors from all over the world living in town and filling prescriptions with us.
I didn't know if English was a primary language.
I didn't know what was their primary language.
I didn't know if their families were born here and could speak English.
What about people whose primary means of communication is American Sign Language?

I believe we should have a Themed Label Day.
Since no one is expected to learn English anymore, we could take this opportunity to teach other languages to everyone via our labels.

We could have Braille day for the blind.
ASL day for the hearing impaired.
National Talk Like A Pirate Day, just because...
We could have a special Yoda Speak label.
I am a fan of the poetic verse labels.
Haiku labels would be fun too.

One tablet a day you shall take. With food it must be.

Inhale two sprays into left and right nare
So you're not allergic to all the fresh air.

Take one tab by mouth
Two times a day with meals
As needed for pain

1 comment:

  1. We have National "Talk like a Pirate Day". Aye matey, it's September 19th