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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Place No Faith in Humanity

"I will work to elevate you, just enough to bring you down."

Hope. Most days start with it. I'm not talking going all Snow White and singing with the birds hopeful, but more like Episode IV, A New Hope sort of optimism.

Did you ever think to yourself today was going to be your day? I go to work every day thinking to myself that it's a new day. It's like starting out the school year with straight A's. Even though you haven't had a class yet, it's up to you to keep the grades. Then something happens and it all goes away. Like work. Stupid happens and your day goes from newborn Bambi optimism to "BAM" dead mom Bambi misery.
It's times like these that we have to remember that our fellow humans are out there, populating the world, waking up, dressing themselves, operating vehicles, working jobs, navigating the daily grind, feeding themselves…and asking questions like these:

1.  Why didn't you call to tell me my bottle was empty?
2.  Why didn't you tell me my bottle says "no refills"?
3.  Why didn't you tell me I was out of insulin?
4.  Why didn't you tell me I had no syringes left to inject my insulin I use every day?
5.  It says "do not drink alcohol with this medication". Can I have just a couple beers tonight?
6.  It says "Take with food". Is toast okay?
7.  My copay is $10. Why are you charging me $30 for 3 prescriptions?
8.  I heard red wine is good for the heart and I don't want to see a doctor. What kind do you recommend?
9.  I broke a clot in my foot. Should I wash it?
10. What's a prescription? Is that that paper I get from the doctor?
11. There was a man there in the pharmacy. Or maybe it was a girl.
12. I filled an application down there. Does it interact with anything?
13. Can I smoke marijuana if I use the Nicotine Patch?
14. The wait time is 20 minutes? Can I go home and come back tomorrow?
15. The directions say 2 times a day but my doctor said I could "eat 3 of these a day".
16. This is called a drive-THRU, right? Not a pull-up-and-wait?

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