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Monday, March 16, 2015

Missing Prescription

Before you leave your prescriber's office, have him/her print the confirmation that the transmission to your pharmacy was successful. We here at the pharmacy use a variety of methods to receive your prescriptions from hundreds of prescribers every day, including, but not limited to: original hard copies, voicemails, electronic prescriptions, faxes, telekinesis, smoke signals, and hologram. Please make sure your prescriber indicates which method(s) of transmission they used.

Before leaving the office with confirmation in hand, review that your prescriber selected the correct pharmacy. If not, march right back into the room, ignoring the fact other patients may be in various stages of undress, and demand the prescriber fix it on the spot!

Prescribers are often in a hurry when entering prescriptions and are prone to making many, sometimes life-threatening, mistakes. In order to avoid this, as well as any delay in processing your prescription(s), please make your prescriber and his staff take the time to review your prescriptions for any typos or missing information. As we do at the pharmacy, make sure at that no fewer than 3 different people look at and verify the prescription for accuracy. If it arrives at the pharmacy with any errors at all, you will personally have to call the office back, from one of our phones, and demand the prescriber get on the phone and fix the problem forthwith.

1 comment:

  1. Is that a real brochure from a prescriber's office? Man, if I saw that at my doctor's office, I'd be marching directly to the office manager to discuss their unnecessary pitting of doctors and pharmacies...

    Sad sad sad.

    I like to call back to doctors who say, "they use the four dollar program" about us, to tell them that we'll determine our prices, please.