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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

If Real Life Were Like Phone Calls

We need a sign.
We need a signal. 
We need a visible form of communication; something people are already used to hearing. 
Customer Service Providers have this down to a science. 
If we truly wish to champion customer service in our industry, we could learn a few tricks from these professionals. 

How many times have you called a company only to hear the following message? :
"We are currently experiencing a higher call volume than expected. Our representatives are working with other customers at this time."

Can we get that here? If a tech calls off or it's the first of the month, we can post a sign that says: "We are currently experiencing a higher script total than expected. Wait times may be increased." 

Fire departments set maximum occupancies for businesses. Many places will only allow people to enter once people have begun to leave in order to remain at safe levels. I say we should be permitted to have maximums on the number of waiters permitted.
"I am sorry, we have reached capacity for the number of waiters we are allowed to process from 2-3pm. You are welcome to leave your prescriptions and return for them in the 3-4pm window or you can try your wait again later."

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