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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Decide or Decide Not…Either Way

Quick! Make up your mind.

Really Unusual Situation Happening: I'm here to pick up a prescription. 
CP: Ok. 
RUSH: It's been here since 2/2. 
CP: Let me grab it. (Today is 2/12) 
RUSH: I got a bunch of phone calls about this. 
CP: What took you so long?
RUSH: Busy. They call me the working man. 
CP: Understood. Been working here too. Calling people to pick up their prescriptions. 
RUSH: What is it? 
CP: Zocor. Simvastatin. Your cholesterol medication. 
RUSH: Okay. I'll take it!
CP: That'll be $3.33. 
RUSH: <pays and grabs bag> Wait. 
CP: What? 
RUSH: I don't want it. 
CP: Why not? 
RUSH: I never had it before. 
CP: Then why did you get it? 
RUSH: I'm not sure really. 
CP: You went to the prescriber, right? 
RUSH: Yes. 
CP: With a complaint, right? 
RUSH: Yes. 
CP: Then how do you expect it to get better? 
RUSH: Not sure. 
CP: You went to the office. You were given a prescription. You brought it to us. You told us to fill it. You received 4 phone calls from us reminding you it was here. You came in to get it. You asked me what it was for. I told you. You took out your credit card. You paid for it. You pulled it off the counter and THEN you decided you didn't want it because "you'd never taken it before"? Did this really just happen? 
RUSH: Well…
CP: Look. You need to decide right now if you want this. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. But I'm walking away and you're keeping this. Besides, how would you know you enjoyed ice cream if your parents hadn't given it to you? Or marijuana? Bet you never passed up a chance for a toke at a concert yet this, THIS is where you draw the line? 
RUSH: You're right. And oh, so wise. 

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