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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Out of Touch With Reality

There used to be a time, not so long ago, where life was normal. Where people had average expectations and lived average lives. There were always the outliers, but the majority of people tended to follow the same path. 
You would be born. You would go to school. You would move out of your parents' house. You would get your own place to live, your own insurance, your own job, your own responsibilities. The job of a parent is to prepare your children to become the next round of responsible adults set to inherit the planet and its issues. However, in this current era of self-entitlement, where you can be famous for being famous, people are used to having everything done for them. Battles are fought FOR them (helicopter parents, really?). 

I suppose it should come as no surprise that this was my Quote of The Week winner:

Gone Girl: This isn't fair!
CP: How's that? 
GG: "Under Obamacare they just kick you off your parents' insurance after a certain age. That's just wrong!" 
CP: Life sucks, huh? 
GG: It sure does. 
CP: I mean, you're only 28 years old, still living at home, with your boyfriend there, right?
GG: Yeah. 
CP: And mom and dad still cook for you and buy groceries?
GG: Yeah. 
CP: And I'm sure when you get home and whine to them about how unfair life is that I'll get a phone call scolding me for not caring about your plight. Mommy or Daddy will fight your battle while you snivel in the background that "the mean pharmacist said I didn't have insurance and now I can't play 'bump the uglies' with my boyfriend". 
GG: Well I never!
CP: I know. And that's your problem. All that reality TV you watch didn't prepare you for Reality Life.  Here's your dose of reality. 
GG: I'm calling my mom. 
CP: Her name wouldn't happen to be Lysa Arryn, would it? 

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