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Friday, September 6, 2013

Pharmacy Analogies II

Calling the store from the drive-thru when you can clearly see 9 cars in front of you is like calling Disney World from the back of the line and asking why the wait for Toy Story or Space Mountain is so long...except there you have big signs telling you the wait time before you get in line.

Asking if any of your prescriptions (i.e. METHylprednisolone or METHotrexate) have METH in them is like asking if POTatotes have POT in them. (Spelling-wise oui! Drug-wise non...)

YOU calling ME to ask if YOUR insurance will cover a certain prescription is like ME calling YOU to ask if MY insurance will cover MY prescription.

Asking if we will be busy when you come in "in a few hours" is like jumping into the monkey cage at the zoo...not sure what's going to happen then, but it'll be fun to watch.

Complaining to me that the front of the store is out of an advertised sale item is like complaining that every retailer is out of this year's "IT" Christmas item...on Christmas Eve. (Everybody else wants the deal too...)

Whining that you are out of medication, out of refills, and have to make an appointment to get more is like complaining you have to stop for a red light and wait for a green light. (That's the way the system is supposed to work.)

Doctors telling patients how much their prescriptions will cost at my pharmacy is like me guessing the winning lottery numbers.

Asking your doctor how much a prescription will be at my pharmacy is like calling me from your doctor's waiting room and asking when he will see you.

Telling me to call your insurance for your ID number is like telling Starbucks to call the bank to look up your debit card number.

1 comment:

  1. A doctor's office told one of my patients today to call her pharmacy to find out what anal fissure cream is covered on her insurance.

    "They know what medications your insurance will cover for that," she was told.

    I wanted to use one of your analogies in reply, but I'm already on the company's "list" for complaints.