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Monday, June 3, 2013


When I was a child, I had a fever. My hands felt just like two balloons...
...And my mom took care of me. She told me what to do and when. She scheduled my appointments for me with the doctor and to have my hair cut. 
As I grew older, I gained responsibility for myself. I learned to do things for myself. At what point are you too old to have your mother doing everything for you?
I ask because of the number of people, especially women, who have their mothers call in, then pick up and pay for, their medications. The ones that get me most are the women on birth control. If I'm in my 20's, I don't think I want, or need, my mom taking care of my contraceptive needs. First, you're old enough to do this on your own. Be responsible and do it yourself. Second, while it's nice that you two can share everything in your lives, it's a little weird asking mom to refill your Valtrex while she's here. "Hey, it's going to be a long weekend so grab a bottle of Astroglide while you're at it, Mom."  I think the only thing creepier is the fathers tasked with the same duties. It's one thing for a father/husband to be sent for feminine hygiene products. In fact it's quite impressive when they do. It's quite another to be told he's restocking the Princess Procreation Party Kit.
These must also be the women who invite their mothers to their sex toy parties.

*Yes, not all birth control is taken for birth control. Of course I know that. And you, of course, know these are not the cases of which I speak...

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  1. I recently had a lady come to pick up her prescription for Valtrex. She was about to pay for her med when her 16 year old son rushed up to the counter and threw a box of condoms on the counter so mom could pay for them. She didn't blink an eye and paid for the lot.

    The tech had to come and physically push my mouth closed for me.