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Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Here's Not Legal

Had a customer present us with a regular sheet of 8 1/2" X 11" white paper. On it, scrawled in doctor scribble with a ball-point pen, was a patient name, address, Rx for Vicodin, and a signature. That's it.
When I told the customer this was not a valid prescription, I was yelled at. I wept.
This is a transcript of the witty repartee that ensued...

Bad Script: This here is good.
CP: Hardly.
BS: Uh-huh!
CP: Nope. Not in my State.
BS: Yes it is. I just took this to another pharmacy and they filled it for me no problem.
CP: Sure they did.
BS: Yes huh! My doctor even said you can call her and she'll tell you it's good.
CP: Really? A real doctor told you that? Right. How about "No"? Not going to happen. I am not going to call your doctor for a Vicodin prescription if she doesn't know how to write one. Never mind the fact that your insurance is State Medicaid. They require that all prescriptions be written on tamper-proof paper. Your Xerox copy sheet here does not qualify.
BS: Well I'll just take it somewhere else and they'll fill it for me.
CP: Go right ahead. I'm sure you'll find a pharmacist who no longer likes her license. Kinda like your doctor...

Just because you're trying to make a loud, obnoxious scene in my store does not mean I shall cave to your demands and reward you with the filling of a horribly illegal prescription. I have plenty of other prima donnas here that deserve more attention than you. Like the guy running in to refill a single Viagra because he apparently found a willing participant and needs to get back to the car before they realize what they've agreed to do.

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