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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fair Play...

Prescribers' offices hand out cards with discounts on medications. These discount cards are all over print media and the Internet. While some patients do realize decent savings, they are in the vast minority. Mostly, these are just a means to distract your local, loyal pharmacy from doing its real job: Speed-filling your prescriptions for superior customer service recognition awards from corporate people who don't understand the profession!

Today I present you with the first Office Visit Card. Hand these out to your patients, on the streets, on Facebook. They're Free! Prescriber Services will be discounted. From X-Rays to MRIs, from blood work to blood pressures, you too can realize the discounts available at your local prescribers' offices. Simply present this card and let them struggle with how to get you these low, low prices. You can now bring your years of pharmacy experience of yelling at the staff directly to the offices of your prescribers. Let them enjoy the endless phone calls, the yelling and screaming about why your copay isn't $4.00 for a CT Scan. Make that 80/20 or 90/10 copay a thing of the past. Maybe by the time they figure it out, we may have actually received that e-script they think is instantly ready...

1 comment:

  1. I have a doctor in the area that prints the billing info for some discount card on every e-script. These cards are all a scam. If you bill on, it discounts my price, which I can do myself thank you, but also charges the pharmacy upwards of $6+ for the pleasure of making less money. Not only that but no one thinks about the fact that we are sending medical information to who knows on the other computer to process claims for these discount cards. Anyone cynical would assume they are selling information like it going out of style. I don't get involved with them at my pharmacy.