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Friday, June 14, 2013

Street Dealers

Random thought...
Since corporate Pharmacy has invested lots of money into squeezing some extra coin out of everyone's pockets by coming up with Automated Predictive Refills, I wondered if this system would work in other areas of the drug trade. (Yes, it is a scam. Yes, I may or may not have sat in some corporate meetings at some time but that's not the point today.) The point is, could street dealers benefit from the same corporate philosophy to help grow their business? Imagine the revenue if they were to develop an automatic refill reminder program. Just a random text or call that says "Your refill is due" or "You have an order ready for pickup".

Unlike those of us in retail pharmacy they have no issue of refill-too-soon (you got the cash, we got the stash). They almost certainly wouldn't have to deal with the return-to-stock issues either (well, I don't really need it today, but since you have it ready and I drove all the way out here...). How happy would those recreational users be to get a friendly reminder it's time to resupply? Also, talk about a money-making scheme ripped from corporate greed: taking advantage of those who don't know they're being taken advantage of! Profits would skyrocket and these entrepreneurial types would be well on their way to graduating to the Big Leagues and leading corporate America. Although I think they may all work at Pfizer. How else can you explain the direct-to-consumer strategy. Perhaps street dealers taught Wall Street something...

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