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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm Confused

Wife calls in for a number of her husband's refills. Easy for her, confusing for me...

Patient's Wife: He needs these 4 refills.
CP: Okay. It appears these two numbers are out of refills.
PW: "That don't make no sense." <verbatim>
CP: Sorry?
PW: How can he be out? He gets them when he's at the office.
CP: And when was he there last?
PW: 6 months ago.
CP: Okay. He filled these each month for the last 6 months. He is out of fills.
PW: "But that don't make no sense."
CP: But why not?
PW: Because he is at the doctor's right now! The doctor said he was going to be sending over new prescriptions at noon.
CP: And you do realize it is only 10:15 right now?
PW: Of course. He has an appointment right now. He is there right now. The doctor is sending his refills over at noon. But I don't understand how he can't have any refills left.
CP: Um. If I understand you, which seems to be unlikely, it goes like this: Your husband gets refills when he is at the doctor. This occurs every 6 months. He is out of refills. He is at the doctor presently. His doctor is sending refills later today. This means he will not be out of refills for the next 6 months. This means he will get his prescriptions today. So what is there to not understand?
PW: "It just don't make no sense. Whatever. I guess you can just fill whatever they send over later and hope he gets everything. But he shouldn't be out if he's there today." <verbatim>

CP: Um.

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