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Monday, June 24, 2013

Caption This

Found this and had to laugh. It's from an insurance company. That, in itself, is laughable.

Mom: We need her medication for ADD.
CP: I'm sorry. It's not covered.
Mom: But she needs it.
CP: Well they require a prior authorization.
Mom: How's that work?
CP: It's really a distraction technique meant to make us all do more work. It's like a circus.
Mom: Really? So how do I get her medication?
CP: Your doctor has to call to tell them why she...Hey look! A Teddy Bear!
Girl: Thanks!

(I know it's wrong, but isn't this how insurances make us feel?)

Notice how the pharmacist has a death grip on the arm?
"See this arm right here? That's how much it's going to cost your mommy because her insurance sucks".

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