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Monday, June 24, 2013


Expectation of Privacy? Forget it at your local pharmacy...They may have ropes, painted lines, neon signs, arrows, and pits with punji sticks meant to keep people back. Nothing works. One, they'll still ignore them and crowd others. Two, sound actually travels. It doesn't go out 2 feet then hit a wall. This means others can hear you. It's nice we attempt to give you some privacy, but with the open floor plan stores favor, it's not going to happen.
I think we should install prison visitation booths. We could have a wall of windows and little chairs. There would be a phone on each side. A pharmacist would pick up one and counsel you so only your side of the conversation could be heard. Think about it: just like in the movies you could lift your shirt, stick your body to the glass and ask "does this look infected?" Ok...not like the movies...

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