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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

All Refills Must be Faxed!

I am all for living for your convictions. I also believe there should be a little common sense sprinkled in to everyone's day, just to spice it up a bit.
True Story...
Dedicated Customer: I need you to fax my office for my refill.
CP: Ok. It appears we already did.
DC: My doctor, alas, say you did not.
CP: My computer, in fact, says I did. Here is the timestamp.
DC: Ok. That's what I told them. I'll call you back.
<A few minutes later>
DC: I called my doctor. They gave me the fax number, again, to make sure you get it right.
CP: Hmmm. That is the one we have. It is correct.
DC: Well they say they still have yet to receive it.
CP: After I spoke with you, I actually printed a copy and fed it manually into the fax machine.
DC: Hold on for me, please.
<listening to Aenima in my head as hold music>
CP: Yes?
DC: I have the doctor's office on conference call with us.
CP: Sweet! Party line!
Fax Us: We haven't received it. Here's another fax number.
CP: You have two?
FU: Yes. A regular fax and the one for electronic prescriptions.
CP: I have sent this three times now. All outlets have been faxed.
FU: Well we don't have it.
CP: So how's your day?
FU: Fine.
CP: What's new?
FU: Nothing.
CP: Do you have any paper at your office?
FU: Yes.
CP: Do you possess any writing implements?
FU: Of course.
CP: Can you take a note for me?
FU: I suppose.
CP: Patient wants a refill. On her medication. Send it to her pharmacy via fax, e-rx, and phone. See which one arrives the fastest.
FU: But we need a fax.
CP: But why? You do realize that because you are so stuck on getting a fax from the pharmacy, which has tried valiantly over the last day to accede to your demands, this patient is stuck in the middle? Wasting her time to fight with you? Wasting my time? All you had to do, when she first called, was take a note. You already told me you have paper and a pen. Perhaps no one there knows how to transcribe, taking a message from ear to pen? Regardless, there comes a time when doing what's right is more important than sticking to your principles. Take care of the patient. Then, while you have your favourite CP on the phone, ask about the fax/e-scribe issue. But we have all just lost 27 minutes of our day for one single prescription. And the best part is, you STILL had to write it down because you swear the fax didn't arrive AND you still have to have the doctor approve the Rx which means this patient is still without medication.
FU: Um.

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