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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pharmacy Patient Rights

As A Pharmacy Customer, You Have The Right To...
-have your prescription filled at any pharmacy you choose.
-have your prescription sent to my pharmacy.
-have your prescription filled in a timely manner.
-have your prescription filled correctly.
-speak to a pharmacist.
-be counseled on your medication.
-have your pharmacist check for drug interactions.
-have your pharmacist review your allergy history.
-have your pharmacist ensure accuracy of your prescriptions.
-have your pharmacist double check the doctor's orders for errors.
-pay cash for your prescription. (meaning we can skip your insurance altogether, and early narcotics are exempted from this right.)
-ask questions about your Rx and OTC medications and have them answered by a pharmacist.
-expect professionalism.
-come back later.

These are your rights as a patient. Read them. Understand them. Most importantly, Exercise them. Remember, as a patient, your most basic rights include professionalism and accuracy.

Your Rights DO NOT include the following.

You DO NOT Have the Right To...
-complain to me about your copay.
-argue with me about your copay.
-have your prescription filled as fast as possible.
-throw a temper tantrum and act like a 2 year old (unless you are a 2yo).
-throw anything at me or my staff.
-yell or scream or swear at me or my staff.
-park in my drive-thru lane.
-invade others' privacy rights by crowding my counter.
-expect preferential treatment.
-have your insurance billed for you (it is a professional courtesy).
-be lazy about your healthcare (you don't care? I don't care).
-demand anything.
-command me to bill multiple discount cards and manufacturer coupons.
  (again, it is a courtesy-so ask politely and who knows?)
-expect me to do everything for you (call your doctor for refills, call to remind you to fill something, call to remind you to pick it up, call to remind you to take it--Again, all Courtesy).
-complain about some perceived slight to a store manager and expect a reward.
-complain about the wait.

I'm taking my profession back. If you don't like this list, please read your list of actual rights again. Number one is "you have the right to have your prescription filled at any pharmacy you choose".

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