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Monday, April 15, 2013

Change of Mind?

Announcement: "Attention all Pharmacy customers, the time is now 10:30. Thank you for shopping."

Blissful Couple approaches the counter for an encounter...
Blissful Lady: We are here to pick up my husband's prescription.
CP: And his name would be?
BL: Obedient Husband
CP: I don't see anything ready. Ah. The computer tells me he gave us a pickup time of 11:45.
BL: Correct.
CP: It is now only 10:30 as the announcement made clear.
BL: I changed his mind.
CP: You did?
OH: She did.
BL: I did.
CP: You do realize, of course, that someone has to tell me? Since I am the person actually preparing prescriptions, please pass on your plan changes to me.
BL: So it's not ready?
CP: No. Do you go out to dinner much?
BL: Yes. All the time, but I fail to see...
CP: Do you make reservations?
BL: Yes.
CP: This would be similar to you calling the restaurant and making reservations for 4 people at 7pm on Friday night. You then would arrive on Tuesday, with 6 people, at 5pm and expect them to have your reservation ready.

And she was quite serious that "I changed his mind" was a good enough expectation that we should have it ready.

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