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Monday, March 25, 2013

New Low Part 2

Lovely office from across the street calls your friendly CP.
LO: Since you're right across the street, I figured I'd call you with my question.
CP: Ok.
LO: I was wondering if you could help me figure out what to give a patient of ours.
CP: Ok.
LO: He's a pediatric patient with a UTI. What can we prescribe him?
CP: You're asking me? How sweet and thoughtful. Any allergies?
LO: None of which we are aware.
CP: I have a couple suggestions for you.
LO: Great. He weighs around 45 pounds. Can you tell me the appropriate dose for him as well?
CP: Gladly. Anything to help a little tyke with an infection.
LO: And that's given how often?
CP: Twice a day.
LO: So we're giving him <repeats entire conversation>
CP: That is correct. And I happen to have those in stock so no matter which recommendation your doctor chooses, I, being right across the street, can readily fill your patient's prescription.
LO: Okay. Thanks. They don't usually use your pharmacy so we're going to call it in to the chain they typically visit. But thanks for your help friendly neighbor! You're always so helpful.
CP: Yep. And your prescribers can't figure out how to prescribe medications without consulting an expert first. And, despite years of practice, they have yet to learn the correct way to write a prescription. (They are required to spell control quantities and write a DEA on controls as I've told you multiple times, quite politely, my friendly, good neighbor.)  But the State Board will be contacting them on that next week. Have a great day!

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