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Monday, March 4, 2013

How Important is it?

Some people are quite tenacious when they want an answer other than the one you are giving. It may take a while, but I am not going to change my answer and you are still going to leave. Why are some people so argumentative?
GL: I would like to know if I can eat grapefruits with my medications.
CP: Ok. And what medications may they be?
GL: Lipitor and Norvasc.
CP: Well that would be no. You cannot eat grapefruit or drink its sweet, tart juices while taking either of those medications.
GL: Why not?
CP: <long consultation about the interaction takes place>
GL: Well what about if I take my pills at night instead?
CP: Again, <short reiteration of the interaction; emphasis on the "lasts around 4 days" part>, you cannot take this regimen and enjoy these juicy fruit.
GL: But what if I...
CP: Ma'am, no buts. You cannot take these together. Why are you so adamant about the grapefruit, may I ask?
GL: My son sent them to me from Florida.
CP: And that was a lovely gift. But you should share them, not eat them.
GL: But I want him to know I ate them.
CP: Maybe he's trying to kill you?
GL: I don't want them to go to waste.
CP: I like grapefruit.

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