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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am Required to...

A pharmacist's job description as listed on the website of a national chain:

Applies professional judgment in the interpretation and dispensing of patient medication in compliance with the state and federal laws that govern the practice of pharmacy. Dispensing of drugs includes the packaging, preparation, compounding and labeling of drugs. Provides oral and written information to both patients and physicians. Performs drug regimen review. Receives oral prescription drug orders and reduces them to writing, and may contact physicians as appropriate (or oversee others’ contacting physicians) for clarification of prescription information. Position will be trained in the following professional functions: Quality Assurance, DUR, Dr. Calls, and Product Verification.

I know what I am required to do. I went to school and they taught me. I had rotations and they taught me. I have been working for a little while and have experience to remind me. I am always fascinated when other people tell me what my job is. I often wonder where they learned my job description. Over my career I have become:
-Prior authorization faxer
-Refill request caller
-Refill request faxer
-Bargain shopper (try all these discount cards for me)
-Pseudoephedrine police
-Insurance adjuster
-Priceline negotiator? (But it's $4 at...)
-Pez dispenser (just need a few until...)
-Refill Reminder (BTW, your bottle is empty...)
-Babysitter (come pick up your refills, they're good for you, that's a good boy...)
-Personal shopper
-Waldo expert (Where'd my doctor send my prescription?)
-Honorary Psychic Friends member (I know when your doctor will call me)
-Travel Agent (You're going where? When? Need refills now?)

Just because our MHW profession has sold out does not mean I can ignore my REAL job description and duties. We need to take it back. It starts with erasing the bottom of this list from the psyche of the American public and the retail giants who are interested in anything but the progress of our profession.
Let me do my job.

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