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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Prescription Hide-and-Seek

I get paid to fill prescriptions.
I am fairly certain that if I filled no prescriptions, no one would pay me.
So I fill prescriptions and they pay me.
It is in my best interest to fill your prescriptions.
I am not trying to hide them from you.
I am not trying to avoid filling them for you.
I am not deliberately trying to sabotage your life by withholding your prescriptions.
I am not making up "requires prior authorization" because I find it humorous.
I am not telling you "we didn't receive the e-rx/fax/refill request/Pony Express/Morse Code" from your doctor because I'm too lazy to look for it.
No, we are not all just standing around back here ignoring you. (That's why we made eye contact and said "we'll be right with you".)
If there are 4 people behind my counter busy doing 4 things, i.e. typing, on the phone, at the drive-thru, and waiting on another customer, then you are not being ignored. It's called waiting in line. It happens everywhere. Just stand there like the good little boy your mommy raised you to be and wait.
I have better things to do than play prescription hide-and-seek. While I may not have received it, as of yet, I am going to fill it as soon as we possibly can.
When will that be? Don't know.
Just rest assured that when we do get it, however it arrives, it will get its own little slot in the queue and march single file, like an ant, up my screen to await its birth as a fully-fledged, completed prescription.
And I'll get paid.

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