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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Favourite Daily Interactions...

Questions you really want to ask...

CP: What's your phone number?
All Customers: I don't know. I never call myself.
CP: Yet your phone is ringing off the hook while you stand there so people must just luckily guess it, I assume? Anyway, what's your address?
AC: It's West Maple
CP: So you write yourself often then?
AC: How's that?
CP: You don't know your phone number because you don't call yourself. Yet you rattle off your street address as though it were tattooed on my face. Your logic astounds me.

CP: Do you have any questions on your medication for the pharmacist today?
Many Customers: No. I haven't taken it yet.
or MC: How could I? This is my first time taking it.
or MC: How should I know? I've never taken it before.

CP: <?????> So you can't have questions BEFORE you take something? You can't ask questions like "what does this do? will it make my ass hairy? will my ears fall off? will it lower my sex drive? will I finally develop that third nipple I've always wanted?" Anything? You're the type of person that would take his Flagyl prescription home, start taking it, drink a bottle of Honey Jack, then ask if it's ok to have a little alcohol while on your medication.
The actual response you were looking for was "No. I cannot think of any right now. Is there anything I should know about this before I take it? I shall go home and read the lovely, informative pamphlet you so graciously provide me and ring you back with any questions or concerns as they may arise."

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