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Thursday, March 7, 2013


All I want is a little clarification. It's always a fine day when I get to talk to someone outside of my state. I still enjoy calling on transfers from out-of-state pharmacies. It gives me a chance to BS with the pharmacists and see what the profession is like elsewhere. Same can be said of speaking to out-of-state doctor's offices. The only thing I have discovered is we are all the same wherever you go.
I have conversations like this at my pharmacy and was really hoping we were special. Too bad for the pharmacies near this office. Now I know we are just as unique as everyone else...

Doctor's Rep: I have a patient who is on vacation in your state.
CP: Lovely. I bet she's having a terrific time. And?
DR: She left her meds here and needs me to call them in to you.
CP: Of course she did. One's health is always the last priority when packing for a long trip. Underwear, snacks for the trip, makeup, 11 different pairs of shoes and sandals, toothbrush, check. Medication that I take every day after brushing my teeth and putting on makeup? Whatever.
DR: Anyway, she needs Metoprolol refilled.
CP: Ok. Which one? And it's a FILL, not a REfill because we have not filled it for her yet. She may have taken it before, but we have not given it to her before.
DR: I don't know. 50mg?
CP: That was in the form of a question.
DR: The one she had before.
CP: Which we've established we've not given to her before. And that would be...?
DR: Hold on. Let me check.
CP: <trying not to weep, but planning ahead for what I know is coming next>
DR: Here it is. It's 50mg once a day.
CP: <And here it is, as expected> And which form of Metoprolol might that be? Tartrate or Succinate?
DR & CP (simultaneously) "I don't know"
CP: Of course not. Could you check that too?
DR: No. All it says here is Metoprolol.
CP: So all along you prescribe "Metoprolol 50mg once a day" and some pharmacy fills it like that? You've never received a call asking for clarification?
DR: Nope. She's been on it so long they just know.
CP: But you've been prescribing it all along and don't have it in the chart?
DR: No.
CP: Then I shall wait to hear back from you before I can fill this for her.
DR: So you're refusing to fill it for our vacationing lady?
CP: Nope. I'd like her to enjoy every bit of time she has to spend in our great state. The sooner you can get back to me with that, the sooner she can enjoy all we have to offer here besides aisles and aisles of overpriced seasonal merchandise.

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