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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

She Hate Me

If you hate a business enough to take the time to call the complaint line after every single visit or give a "0" on every survey you can find, why are you still going there?
(I call bullshit on insurance requirements. You're not limited to only the Big 3 and even if you are, they have multiple locations. You have options. This is a bigger picture issue.) 

Seriously. Do you really think that by bringing down their scores you are helping improve their operations? If I had a problem every time I shopped a business, I'd leave. Perhaps it's me. Perhaps it's luck. Perhaps that's how they run their business and our expectations are quite dissimilar. Either way, that is the definition of insanity; repeating the same thing expecting a different result. After a time, it becomes habit. 

Odds are, if you've made a name for yourself, we don't want your business either. You are toxic to our environment and you unfairly poison others against us. 
Move on. 
Like a bad BF or GF. 
Move on. 
You both deserve better. 
Getting pissed off because you always come at us with a pissy, uppity, challenging attitude will only further reaffirm your strongly held belief that we are bad. There is nothing we can do to change your opinion. The slightest misstep, as if we weren't already walking on eggshells, will set you off anew. 

Maybe you're the type of person that thrives in a toxic relationship. 
Maybe you like to be treated poorly. 
If that gets you off, let me know. I can arrange to treat you accordingly. 

In the end, I am still left wondering why, if you hate a business so much, you voluntarily and consciously continue to do business with them? 

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