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Monday, August 12, 2019

You're Still Wrong

CP: Good Morning! How may I help you on this beautiful Sunday?
Her Early Arrival Reminds She's Not On Time: I am here to pick up my prescription.
CP: It is not yet ready.
HEARS NOT: Why not? I was told it would be ready today.
CP: You were also told both days you called this week that it would be ready 2 hours after we opened by both myself and my tech who is here right now.
HEARS NOT: You open at 9am.
CP: No. We open at 10am on Sundays.
HEARS NOT: Since when?
CP: About 20 years ago. Give or take.
HEARS NOT: No one told me that.
CP: Again, both I and my tech explained our hours to you when you called, twice, during the week.
HEARS NOT: I thought it was 9am.
CP: Even then, the current time is 10:23am. That is not 2 hours after opening at 9am either. You would still be early.  You're either a little early or a lot early. However you look at it, you're still wrong.
HEARS NOT: Well when will it be ready?
CP: Really?
HEARS NOT: Yeah. You're open now. So how much longer?
CP: What's 10 + 2?
HEARS NOT: I don't know. 12?
CP: Is there a 12 on your clock?
CP: Come back when your clock shows 12. Or when you get the text. Something tells me these two events will miraculously occur simultaneously.

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