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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Now Hear This

CP: Welcome back. Picking up?
Angry Woman Mad About Nothing: Why didn't you page me?
CP: I did.
AWMAN: I didn't hear you.
CP: Okay. That's not really my fault.
AWMAN: I've been waiting in this store for over an hour!
CP: That's nice. Did you do some shopping? We have some nice sales right now. Back-to-school and all that.
AWMAN: No! I've been waiting for my damn prescription. What took so long?
CP: Let's see. You dropped it off at 11:03am. We told you 15 minutes and . . .
AWMAN: And I've been here for an hour!
CP: . . . and I checked it out at 11:13 whereupon I paged you, both by yelling out your name and, when you didn't return, by our overhead paging system.
AWMAN: This is ridiculous!
CP: I agree wholeheartedly. It is ridiculous.
AWMAN: Thank you.
CP: It is ridiculous that, despite multiple attempts to contact you verbally you somehow, while by your own admission remaining in the store, missed our attempts to reach you.
AWMAN: Are you mocking me?
CP: <mocking tone> are you mocking me? No. I just can't believe that this is the reason you are upset. Let's see:
1. We called you to the pharmacy. Twice. You missed them both. It's not a big store as I can hear conversations throughout the store all day.
2. I gave you a time of 15 minutes, which I beat. Somehow, at no point did you check your watch or ask someone for the time. Not sure how an hour feels like 15 minutes to you, but you certainly could have returned at any point and asked if it was ready.
3. You are mad at me because you didn't check the time AND you didn't hear my pages.
In short, YES, I agree, you are being ridiculous.
AWMAN: Well I never.
CP: With that attitude I'm not surprised. Will there be anything else?
CP: <pulls out bullhorn> Anything else?
AWMAN: <brushes hair out of face> No.


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