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Thursday, September 12, 2019

I Don't Want To Get A Flu Shot


I don't wanna get a flu shot.
Don't ask, now go away!
I just came here to grab my script
And you've all flipped
I want to run away.

I used to ask you questions
Now there's no time
Please stop asking me for more

I don't wanna get a flu shot
I can ask if I want a flu shot

(Please come back Madam)

No way, die!

I don't wanna get a flu shot
Tetanus, Pneumo, or Shingrix too
Pushing these shots on me is rather rude
Though I've said no to you
It's time to get a clue!

(Now take the hint)

I just can't stand harassment
Questions every time
Of all those who just walk by. . .
(Shot-shot shot-shot shot-shot shot-shot)

Pharmers please know we can hear you
Asking us with every phone call
You say, I'll be quick, but I don't want to
Get my flu shot from you
Just leave me 'lone

I really hate to come here
I feel bullied
So please stop pressuring me

I don't wanna get a flu shot.

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