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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wheel of Excuses--Prescriber Version

For some #PharmacyPhun, I am going to design a gameshow type wheel for use in our store before phoning prescribers. We will have it mounted on the wall near the pharmacist phone. Whenever we have to call an office or hospital for clarification on any matter, we will all place bets on which line(s) the office will use on us. Bonus points are given if you guess multiple answers in the correct order, like hitting the trifecta.

1. That's what it says.
2. She always writes it that way.
3. You're the only pharmacy that calls about this.
4. (Office reads the e-script back to you.)
5. They're not in this office today and I'm not allowed to give you the number to where they are today.
6. We've been using stamped signatures forever. It's just _________. (pick one: amoxicillin, penicillin, any bowel prep, toothpaste)
7. He wants what the patient had last time.
8. Don't you have in your system what he always gets?
9. I'll ask but she's not going to change it.

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