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Monday, March 7, 2016


Quote of the Week: (btw, I am not in Hawaii)

Island Traveler: I just got to  Hawaii.
CP: Jolly good! Do have a delightful time.
IT: I just realized I did not bring enough medication to last the duration of my trip.
CP: How long will you be there?
IT: Two whole weeks.
CP: That is dreadful.
IT: "Can you give me some?"
CP: Huh?
IT: "Can you give me some?"
CP: How do you propose I accomplish this? You can transfer your prescription from us to a pharmacy there, but it's rather complicated.
IT:"I just need a few. Can't you just give them to me?"
CP: Would you like me to push some medication through the phone? You really don't understand how this whole time-space-travel thing works, do you? You got on a plane and are now many hours away from me yet you expect me to somehow make medication materialize through the phone instantly.
IT: Yes.
CP: Okay. Ask the concierge if they have a 3-D printer. If they do, go sit in front of it.
IT: Really?
CP: Yep. It takes a while but hey, you're on vacation in Hawaii!

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