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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Drug Names and Movies

Some drug names are rather neat, pleasant-sounding bon mots that roll off the tongue. Others are less eloquent than tongue-tying. Many a tongue has been injured whilst twisting itself around a few names.
When I train new technicians and it comes to drug names, I explain the difference between brand and generic like this: If you can pronounce it, it is Brand. If you cannot, it is Generic.

Singulair= Montelukast
Sinemet=Carbidopa/Levodopa (but it's really fun to say)

Anyway, the reason I gathered you all here today is for this week's Phriday Phun Day. If you were to write a movie, what drug name, brand or generic, would you use for either the title or main character?

I claim Montelukast. It can either be a hero or title as in The Count of Monte Lukast.
Or Montelukast's Revenge.

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