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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Drug Names and Movies

Some drug names are rather neat, pleasant-sounding bon mots that roll off the tongue. Others are less eloquent than tongue-tying. Many a tongue has been injured whilst twisting itself around a few names.
When I train new technicians and it comes to drug names, I explain the difference between brand and generic like this: If you can pronounce it, it is Brand. If you cannot, it is Generic.

Singulair= Montelukast
Sinemet=Carbidopa/Levodopa (but it's really fun to say)

Anyway, the reason I gathered you all here today is for this week's Phriday Phun Day. If you were to write a movie, what drug name, brand or generic, would you use for either the title or main character?

I claim Montelukast. It can either be a hero or title as in The Count of Monte Lukast.
Or Montelukast's Revenge.


  1. My choice would be Ondansetron...he's everyone's robot friend! (or is he???)

  2. FLECTOR. "You will do the bidding of FLECTOR...or you will be DESTROYED."