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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Boss Conversation #2

Arguing with a boss who doesn't understand your job is like arguing with rappers about the roundness of the Earth.
DM: What do you mean you are so far behind today? 
CP: As you can see on my computer, I have 80 prescriptions in the queue to be processed. 
DM: Okay. That's two hours of work. It's only noon. What't the problem? You'll be cleaned up by 2pm since you can fill 40 prescriptions an hour. 
CP: You're serious, aren't you? 
DM: Yes. I don't see the need for more help. In fact, I'm thinking about reducing your help. 
CP: Can we go back to "you'll be caught up in 2 hours" for a minute? 
DM: Sure. This is easy. What's the problem? 
CP: You never really spent any time in a pharmacy before becoming a DM, did you? 
DM: Duh. Yeah, like one year. It was easy. 
CP: They served you a special kind of Kool-Aid there, didn't they? 
DM: What? 
CP: Nothing. Let us take your rationale. IF we only had to fill those 80 prescriptions, you are saying I could get caught up in 2 hours, correct? 
DM: Yes. 
CP: How do you account for the rest of my day? The part where time doesn't stop?
DM: You get to zero and restart. 
CP: Piper was the Charmed One that could freeze time, not you. You are only looking at the 80 I have in my queue, yes? 
DM: Yes. 
CP: That would be fine IF my phone never rang, patients stopped bringing in new prescriptions, prescribers stopped sending electronic prescriptions, faxes stopped arriving, insurances did not need fixed, shots did not need to be given, MTMs did not need to be performed, breaks did not need to be taken, we didn't have to close for lunch, and the elves stopped pissing in my coffee pot. How do you account for all of the work that continues to come in while we are trying to fill your per hour quota? 
DM: The system works. 
CP: Have you ever seen pictures of the Earth?

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