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Monday, March 28, 2016

A New Alphabet

Tired of the whole "Alpha, Bravo" or "N as in Nancy" conversations when speaking with insurances? Want to liven up the entire process? Want to test the mental mettle of those with whom you are speaking? Try this approach:

Letter: As in ________

A: Canadian question, Eh? 
B: Honey
C: Ocean
D: She wants the...
E: MC2
F: Not Passing
G: 'Sup
H: To the Izz-O
I: Me
J: Walker
K: Potassium
L: Train
M: Bond's Boss
N: Enema
O: I See
P: Urine
Q: Line
R: Pirate
S: Psycho
T: Fore! (or Lipton)
U: Not Me
V: To the Izz-A
W: Tungsten (or Bush?)
X: Former
Y: Who's Asking?
Z: Czar

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