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Monday, March 7, 2016

FOR Babies

It's all about how you ask. For example:

Mom Lady: Do you have Baby Suppositories? 
CP: Heavens No! It's illegal to make suppositories out of babies. 

Of course I knew what ML was asking, but it's still phunny. She wanted to know where to find the suppositories FOR her baby. Which led to this question: 

CP: What are you looking to treat? 
ML: My baby. They go in her butt. 

Okay. I asked the question I wanted answered and she missed it completely. I also know how suppositories are used, butt...

CP: Fever or Constipation? 
ML: She can't poop. 
CP: Got it. You want glycerin suppositories. 
ML: They make ones for fever too? 
CP: Yes. Butt be sure you ask for the Fever Rectal Rockets next time if she needs those. 

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