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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Doctor, Where Are You?

Doctors don't have to obey the rules and laws that govern pharmacists and regular old folk like our patients. If they don't want to do something, they just don't do it.
Spelling and writing quantities on controls? Annoying. Skip.
Writing a patient's full name or the date on the script? Nah.
DEA# on controls? Can't be bothered.

And why is this? Because pharmacists are there to catch their mistakes. The only problem is, instead of pharmacists uniting and sending patients in a pissed off state back to these offices, we call. We have made ourselves everyone's bitch. Thank you corporate pharmacy Gods! It's all about Customer Service instead of Professionalism.

The issue that bothers me most about this is the office information. For prescribers that have multiple office locations, there needs to be some way for you to select the location you are currently standing in while sending the electronic prescription you are currently sending me at this very moment. When there is a problem, which there always is, I need to know where to find you.

I called a prescriber at the number that populated my e-script.
Office Lady: Oh. He's not here today.
CP: But he just sent me an e-rx from there.
OL: Well this is only his base office. He travels and is only here to get mail and messages.
CP: Where can I find him?
OL: I don't know. What day is it?
CP: Can you leave a message?
OL: I can try.
CP: Please have him call me so I can aurally rape his eardrums for not knowing where he is at any given time.
OL: Okey dokey.

1 comment:

  1. I find it just as bad the md's who work 1-2 days a week and cannot be reached on any other day, because our patient's really like hearing that we can't fix their problem