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Monday, June 30, 2014

If the Real World Worked As People Believe Pharmacy Does...

Went on vacation...
Made a hotel reservation...
Left work late, hoping not to be too tired to drive...
This cynical thought occurred to me:
What if the real worked worked as people believe pharmacy does?

Hotel Operator: May I help you?
CP: Yes. I'd like to make a reservation.
HO: Gladly. Which night?
CP: Friday. And we will be arriving late.
HO: No worries. Safe travels.

Riding along in my automobile...
CP: Let's stop here.

HO: May I help you?
CP: Yes. I have a reservation.
HO: Under CP?
CP: Yes.
HO: I do not see anything here for you. We are booked solid.
CP: But I called the other night and made a reservation.
HO: I am sorry. There does not appear to be anything in our computer.

Option #1
CP: This is Holiday Inn, correct?
HO: Yes.
CP: I called the Holiday Inn by my house last week and they gave me a confirmation number and everything.
HO: By your house?
CP: Yes!
HO: In another state?
CP: Of course!
HO: Then your reservation is there. It does not transfer here. If you want it here, you have to call us here.
CP: Well that's just stupid. Aren't you all connected? I should be able to make a reservation and go to any Holiday Inn I want. That's ridiculous. What am I supposed to do now?
HO: Drive back home or continue until you see a "Vacancy" sign.

Of course there is option #2:
CP: This is Holiday Inn, correct?
HO: No. This is Best Western.
CP: You're all just hotels. Aren't y'all connected?
HO: No.
CP: Well that's just stupid. When I made my reservation on TrivKayExpedPriceElocity.com they compared rooms from all hotels. They make it sound like you're all the same. I demand a room right now, plus free breakfast in bed, plus a refund, plus...
HO: How about "No"? Hop back in your little engine that could and drive to your reserved destination. It's right across the street.
CP: I'm going to complain to corporate and I will bash your customer service online.
HO: You do that.

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