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Monday, June 16, 2014

It Takes Two...

In any relationship, there is a corresponding obligation by all parties to understand each other.
If you are going to enter into a relationship with another party, you must do your research.
You must understand what this contract entails.
You cannot possibly enter into it completely blind.
That only leads to aggravation, hurt feelings, complaining, and a lack of understanding on both sides.
Then comes the blame game.

Long Time Visitor: I need to have these prescriptions filled.
CP: Okay. You've come to the right place. That's our business. Too bad someone is sick on such a beautiful Saturday.
LTV: I know. How long will this take?
CP: About 15 minutes right now. We are enjoying a bit of a lull.
LTV: Okay.
CP: Let me get your information: Name, Date of Birth, phone number in case there are any problems, current insurance card, names of your pets, eye colour, favourite World Cup team, and make and model of your vehicle.
LTV: Gladly. Thank you for being so thorough.
CP: Welcome! See you in 15 minutes, LTV.

...and then we closed...FOUR hours later, we closed. I asked Uber-Tech and Super-Interns if anyone came back for that liquid antibiotic that needed mixed. "Nope", was the unanimous reply.

Sunday morning. I walk in and make idle chitchat with the lovely manager who closed last night.

LM: Thanks for closing early last night.
CP: What?
LM: I got an earful from someone complaining her child was going to be sick all night because you left early.
CP: Say what? We left on time...
LM: Yeah. She wanted me to open the pharmacy and get the prescription. I told her that even if I had the magical code and keys to unlock the vault, I had no clue what I'd be doing back there and would get fired. She didn't care.
CP: You don't say.
LM: I explained the hours to her. How long have we been here? How long have we been closing at the same time every Saturday?
CP: At least 12 years. Better question would be: "How do you do business with a location and not do the basic research to verify their hours?" Especially with something as important as your child's prescription? My favourite sushi place is only open until 10pm certain nights. I make sure we close here promptly at 9pm so I can get there, have a beer, grab a couple rolls, and be out before they close. It's not their fault if I get there late.
LM: Exactly. Now quit getting complaints from silly people who complain about their own stupidity. Perhaps we should create a special category for them.
CP: Yeah. I'll put it right up there with the complaint we got from a woman who called corporate to say she didn't know how to refill her prescription. (True Story...)


  1. In the past I've been called on my cell phone by The Authorities almost two hours after closing, asking me to come down and sell a forgotten Rx to a patient who suffered from the same problem.

    I don't answer my cell phone after closing any more.

  2. I had a lady file a complaint with management (CVS) accusing me of continuing with drive thru closing with her sitting there in the drive thru so she was unable to get her script. (What a liar....survelliance cameras backed me up). But she swore up and down all the way to upper management she got the golden gift card...and even though it didn't happen I still get the talking to....SMH After that i always had a tech witness when the drive thru was closed.