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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Three Worst Words...

...I'm a doctor.

Hip Hop Hip Hip Hop Hooray, Ho Hey, Ho! Who cares?

As if that explains everything.
Walk into a room: I'm a Doctor!
Walk into a bar: I'm a Doctor!
I've met people for the very first time and when I give my name I get: I'm a doctor!
Next time you "I'm a Doctor" me...walk into my fist.

If you are that insecure or egotistical that you need to remind, or flat out tell, everyone what you are, then you have bigger issues. I try not to tell anyone, doctors, nurses, other professionals, what I do. Who cares? Yes, I will treat you differently if I attempt to explain something to you and you interrupt me with the "I'm a doctor" line. You will henceforth be referred to as Doctor Pompous Ass Baggins.

Ever been in a hospital setting with a family member who happens to be a doctor? As the nurses, doctors, pharmacists attempt to explain anything that one person has to say: "I'm a doctor".
Good for you. I'm a pharmacist. Nice to meet you. May I finish?

Same thing happens in the retail setting with doctors and even nurses.
I don't proclaim to know everything. The key is knowing what you do not know and being able to learn something new from someone else.
You learn more from listening than from talking over everyone telling them "I'm a doctor! I'm a doctor!" Yep. And once you graduated, all learning stopped. There is nothing new anyone could impart upon you that you don't already know.

CP: I am going to counsel you on this.
Dr. PAB: It's okay. I'm a doctor.
CP: Thanks for the warning. Then I'll be sure to talk slow and use really small words. I've seen your prescriptions. If you don't even know how to write for this medication, I cannot allow you to take it without my help.

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