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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Car Buying or If the Real World Worked the Way People Think Pharmacy Does

...or How Pharmacy Customer Service Destroyed Basic Human Self-Sufficiency...

Prescriptions are expensive. Replacement car parts are expensive.
Bought a new car last week. The lovely sales person rode with me on the test drive, showing me all the features the vehicle possessed. After purchase, I was given the grand tour and explanation of how everything worked and was sent on my way after saying I had no further questions for the salesperson.

I was driving around a week later and heard an awful sound.
I was not prepared for this.
This was not on the guided tour.
This was not a detail I remembered.
Rather than call someone, I continued my drive.
Then the car slowed and eventually rolled to a stop.
I immediately phoned my dealership and yelled at them. I found out my car had run out of gas. My word, why did no one explain this? No one told me it needed to be refilled. No one told me how to refill my vehicle. I am going to sue this dealership. I thought since it already had gas in it, I could drive until my dealership called to remind me to refuel. That's what my pharmacy does. They tell me when my bottle is empty. They call and tell me when to pick up my prescriptions. They take my pills for me and go to my appointments for me.

My pharmacy is the reason I am a bilge water filtering mollusk on the hull of society with no aspirations other than to have everything brought to me. If it were not for pharmacy and their "customer service" mantra I may have been able to get through life doing things for myself. Now I no longer can.
It's also their fault I am bankrupt.
I thought as long as I had checks in my checkbook, I could keep writing them.
My bank said otherwise.

Thank you for nothing pharmacy.

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