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Friday, July 18, 2014

What's in a Name?

A rose by any other name, would...be called something else. But how would I know what to expect when I saw it? When pharmacy staff answer the phone, they have long, boring scripts that no one really enunciates and no one really listens to anyway. I wish corporate would do away with the advertising during phone answering. However, I do like the part where we tell you who is answering the phone. In this case, we know what to expect from whom.
Hi. Thank you for calling CP Pharmacy. My name is CP and I am a pharmacist. How may I help you?
Thank you for calling, this is Leia Organa and I am an Uber-Tech. How may I help you?

We know what to expect. If I need a pharmacist for a transfer or something else professional, I ask for her. If not, then LO is perfect for me.
Where the hell are you going with this, CP?

Prescribers' offices do not answer the phone this way. They all answer it with "Dr. Zoffis. Hold!". Then when they come back we get "Dr. Zoffis. How may I help you?".
With whom are we speaking?
More importantly, what is the title of the person answering the phone? Secretary? Nurse? Doctor's Wife? Daughter? Cleaning Lady?
How do I know if you are going to be able to answer the specific question I have? If I give you my entire spiel, only to find out you are the filing clerk and have to transfer me to someone else, I just wasted my time and yours.
Is it too much to ask for name, rank, and serial number?

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