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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Trifecta of Trouble

Holiday Miracle this weekend.
Woman received a few pills until her backordered medication would be in stock. On the 28th day she returned to my pharmacy. Expecting them to be here, she was surprised that, despite repeated phone calls, they were returned to stock.
Her: Why didn't you tell me to come back sooner?
Me: The reason we only give you 2 or 3 or 4 pills is so that when they run out, you will be forced to return to get them by the fact that you are out.
Her: But I didn't run out.
Me: No? How did you make a few pills last you for a month?
Her: I had a surplus.
Me: That's one hell of a stash. Were you a prepper? A hoarder? A religious figure who can turn a few loaves and fishes into a magnificent feast for an entire town?
(Quote of the week nomination #1) Her: You don't really expect me to remember to take my medication every single day, do you?
Me: Yes. That's really the point. They don't really work if you don't really take them.

Her daughter then piped in that she was a former technician and she knew what I was saying but that I was wrong because I didn't tell her to come back in sooner.
Me: So I'm her babysitter now too?
Daughter: You should have put it on the label. (remember this statement)
Me: We did.
(Quote of the week nomination #2) Daughter: You expect your patients to actually read their labels every time they take their medications?
Me: So you're calling my patients stupid? Yes. How else are they to know what they are taking? If they are taking it correctly? Again, that's really the point.

They then drove down the street to transfer the medications to another fine establishment. There, they asked the polite pharmacist if their company offered a type of predictive refill program. She was told they did and it works just as ours does. However, it only works if you actually pick up your medication when it calls you, read your labels when you take your medication, and actually take them every single day as prescribed.

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