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Monday, July 21, 2014

Faxed Refill Requests

Prescribers have been sending us Cease and Desist letters for some time requesting we stop all automated refill requests.
I laugh at them.
I write love notes on them and send them back.

Let us take a step back.
When you receive unsolicited mail, magazines, coupons, etc, what do you do?
When you receive spam what do you do? (Eat it while singing the Viking chant, duh!)
Do you reply to all the companies, email addresses, etc begging to be removed from their list?
(I know you can go online to cut down junk mail. So not the point here.)
Most people, I assume, simply throw the junk mail in the trash or recycling receptacle.
Spam/Junk emails? I'm guessing they get deleted en masse when clearing that folder.

Step forward now to the offices.
Anyone dealing with HIPAA must have a designated trash can for this type of trash.
Why would offices choose to write nasty notes on our correspondence, fax it back to us along with our refill requests, all but screaming "we no longer accept faxes."?

I Don't Care.
Our policy states we fax refill requests.
Your policy states you don't accept them.
Can we safely assume then that you have posted this policy for all of your patients to see?
In a conspicuous location?
Perhaps mailed to them notifying them of your policy?

Here is what I received last week:

Office Fax: We no longer accept fax refill requests. Must call.
CP Fax: We don't call. We fax. Is it safe to assume you notified the patient of this policy?
OF: We don't call our patients for refills.

This week I started something new for phun.
Office Fax: Call to schedule appointment.
CP: We scheduled patient for a 10:15 appointment tomorrow. We called the patient for you. Don't worry, we told her to arrive 15 minutes early.

1 comment:

  1. When we get nasty return faxes from doc offices, I keep them and give them to the patient. I think the patient should know how nasty their doc office gets.

    I'm going to start making appointments now. Good idea.