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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Snapshot...

People like to judge a situation based on a split second view. People like to make assumptions based on a still moment in time.
I am humbled by the number of people who read and comment on this page. I am often amazed at the comments people like to make, often negative and from non-pharmacists, on a single post they happened to stumble upon on a friend of a friend's page. It is a single post. I would like to extend an invitation to those of you to take a walk through time and go back to the beginning of this page. You will see a common theme from its inception. I beseech you. I implore you to take a long look at the content of this page before casting your aspersions on us. You probably complain about the wait times at your pharmacy too.

As an exercise, I invite you to walk into your pharmacy and take a picture. Take one snapshot at 9am. Or noon. Or 5pm. Take it home and examine it.
What's going on?
Are they busy?
How many people are on the phone?
Are engaged with a patient?
How many are just standing around?
How many are "putting pills in a bottle"?
Or just "slapping labels on stuff"?
Is there inventory to be put away?
Can you hear the phones ringing in the picture?
How many prescriptions are on the fax machine?
Or in the e-script queue?
How many people are in line to drop off?
To pick up?
Or in the waiting room?
How many are in line for shots?
How many are waiting for a pharmacist consultation?
Can you see if someone is on break and not in the pharmacy?
Can you see some creepy person staring at the staff trying to will his prescriptions to be filled faster?
Or someone with a camera trying out this simple, thought-provoking experiment?

The point is this: at any given moment in time, things are never as simple or complex as they appear. Making mass generalizations about a single post, or a single split-second in time is both narrow-minded and reflexive. Think before you make a judgement. Get to know me before you hate me.

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