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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Doctors and Laws Part 2

I can just see this happening in the wake of the reclassification of Tramadol as a DEA Controlled Substance.

For example...
There are only a handful of e-script software programs approved by my State Board for sending controlled prescriptions electronically. Some offices route them via fax with an electronic signature or no signature with a note (electronic signature on file). This is not legal. Despite repeated phone calls to the offending offices, we continue to receive these on a daily basis. The funny thing, or sad thing, is that when my State Pharmacy Board pays me a visit, I could be fined $10,000 PER RX filled if I don't call on them. What happens to the prescriber if I fill these to help my patients who are in need? Nothing. Absolutely no consequences for them. Their patient has a prescription sent to my pharmacy, I call and the office is closed. Doctor cannot be paged. Patient comes in and I have a choice. My license is on the line but the doctor? Not his problem. 
Anyone else have a problem with this disparity?

Back to the offending office...I finally reached my breaking point when I received 7 controlled faxes from 7-8pm one night. I called the office:

Evil Empire Lady: So tell me what you want, what you really really want.
CP: I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want...I want your prescribers to put a wet ink signature on their controlled prescriptions before faxing them to me. They are aware this is illegal, right? 
EEL: "Yes. They are fully aware. They just don't care." (actual quote)
CP: How many calls do you receive from pharmacists on a daily basis about this?
EEL: "A couple dozen."
CP: A couple dozen? A day? 
EEL: Yep. 

So I called the DEA and State Board...no more problems. But why? Why do I have to fight them? Laws are laws. Rules are rules. Until we fight back and just say piss off, prescribers will continue to place the onus of writing correct prescriptions on us. Send them back. 

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