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Monday, July 8, 2013

Take Your Time, Prescriber...

Received an e-script for "Nystatin Domestic Powder" Dispense qty: 1, Directions "Take Apply once a day".
Called the office immediately and had to leave a voicemail; a voicemail which was not returned by the time they closed 4 hours later.

CP: "Hi. This is CP calling to clarify a prescription you e-scribed a few minutes ago. I need to know if the Nystatin powder is supposed to be Oral or Topical. I also need to know what exactly a quantity of 1 means. Should I give them 15g, 30g, or 60g? Also, what is meant by "take apply?" Are they using it topically, externally? Or are they taking it orally and applying it in their mouth? If that is the case then the Rx should quite obviously state "Oral Powder" to erase any confusion. If you could call us back with this clarification we will be able to fill this patient's prescription and get her on her way and feeling right as rain.

Then I turned to my intern who was eavesdropping with an obvious smirk on his face and I asked him "Did that come across as cynical?"
He said "Just a little."

The next day I had less-cynical intern call to inquire about the progress on the prescription. He too had to leave a message. I mentioned he almost veered off into rather-cynical intern. He said "I tried not to."

The following day, now about 48 hours after First Contact, the prescriber herself phoned me.
Lost Prescriber: I got a message about something I may not have written correctly? I was rather confused and couldn't find it in my drop down menu.
CP: First question...Where is she using it?
LP: Topically.
CP: Fine. Then look for Nystop Powder. Very easy to remember and it will take you directly to a correct product.
LP: Hey, I found it. Thanks.
CP: The quantities are 15, 30, and 60 grams.
LP: Well she has no insurance and is just trying this so I'd say 60 grams would work.
CP: Um, ok, you send it that way. I'll just run it through for a 15gm bottle and use a discount card and tell her I fixed it for her.
LP: Sounds good. Hey, thanks for picking up the phone and speaking with me.
CP: Sure. Just doing my job.
<Seriously not sure if she was being patronizing or sincerely thankful I was so helpful.>

1 comment:

  1. I have a pre-made fax sheet I use for occasions like this. At the top it says "Request for Clarification" and next to that is a picture of a gypsy with a broken crystal ball. Then it reads, "Oh no, our crystal ball is broken... we need clarification."

    I've only used it a few times. Maybe I should fax it to you so we can share the cynicism?