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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Accidental Error Save

I always like answering the unasked question. It's the time where I know to take that extra second to review something with a patient that will lead to a rewarding conclusion for all. In some cases, it may even keep you out of trouble or out of the running for a Darwin Award.
Today's story is about how a simple oversight could have led to awful consequences.

Test Prepper: Where do I find the Miralax?
CP: Directly behind you. Bottom shelf.
TP: Thanks. Is the store brand just as good?
CP: It is. I recommend nothing else. You're going to be flushing your toilet so much, you really shouldn't be flushing money down with it.
TP: Are you sure?
CP: Of course I am. I'm a pharmacist. It's my job.
TP: So I can take your store brand and it'll do the job?
CP: You have to pay for it. You can't just take it. But when you get it home and mix it with the Gatorade, it'll certainly do the job. It's Liquid Plumr for the Bowels.
TP: Okay. Thanks. <turns to go>
CP: One question. Do you also need some Dulcolax tablets?
TP: Yeah. But I already got them. <turning to leave in quite the hurry>
CP: Hold on.
TP: <Irritated> WHAT?
CP: Those would be the suppositories.
TP: What?
CP: Suppositories. You picked up a box of Dulcolax suppositories. You really want the tablets instead. I'm sure they'd slide down really well, but I can't promise how tasty they'd be or even if they'll produce the desired outcome.
TP: Oh. These?
CP: Yes. And you're welcome. That would have been unfortunate. You can thank me when you get home and realize just how big a mistake I kept you from making. While you're holding on to both walls for dear life as your insides wring out your guts and explode like a 4th of July fireworks finale, you'll be thinking "that CP sure was helpful".

The rule of the day is "Always check with your Pharmacist". Period. Prescriptions or OTC products. Because sometimes, you may just not have your crap together...

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