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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where to go...?

So random. Why do people think if they place an order at store A they can retrieve it at store B? When I order something online for in-store pickup, I have to select which location I will physically visit. I can't select the one in Duluth then show up at the one in Denver, expecting my order to be there. Why then, do people think physical pharmacy locations are any different? I can't call one store then arrive at another expecting them to know what I need. (Although some people evidently believe this to be true...)

Drive-Thru Customer: Here, I'm going to drop this off.
CP: When are you coming back for it?
DTC: I'm not. I'm going to pick it up at the store by my work.
CP: Then it won't be there.
DTC: Why not?
CP: Because it will be here.
DTC: But I want it there.
CP: But you're dropping it off here.
DTC: Aren't you all connected?
CP: We share the same father.
DTC: What?
CP: Same CEO. But we're like his kids that moved away. And don't really talk to each other. We have our own kids and houses and only see each other at reunions.
DTC: But you guys transfer prescriptions?
CP: Yes. Yes we do. When you go there, they call us and we transfer it. But I have to put it in my computer first. Essentially, I have to do all the work. Then you have to go there and tell them you want it there. Then I have to undo all my work. Then they have to do all the same work. It'll take more work and time for your convenience. 
DTC: Then do that.
CP: Ok. That'll be a processing fee of $60. 
DTC: You said it's convenient.
CP: Note: I did not say cheaper. And you have your own car which you are currently driving to work. Where our other location happens to be. Stop by and tell them I said "HI" and I miss them. Then give them your prescription and tell them you'll be back after work. Give them some time to get it ready for you. 
DTC: This is ridiculous.
CP: No. What IS ridiculous is your assumption that this is how the retail world works. You have given me an idea. Today, on my way to work, I am going to go to the McDonald's drive-thru near my house. When I place my order and get to the window, I am going to tell them to forward my order to the store across the street from where I work so it will be hot and fresh. I don't want any hash browns that are 10 minutes older than they need to be. I also shall request that they be packaged immediately out of the fryer. The coffee needs to be at exactly the hottest temperature for my enjoyment, otherwise my day is completely ruined. 

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