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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prescriptions do not get better with age

Some things age well-cheese, wine.  Some do not-Keith Richards, prescriptions.

Why do people hold on to their paper prescriptions as if their value will appreciate? In the great state of...where I practice, hard copy prescriptions must be filled for the very first time within 6 months from the day it was written; essentially, 180 days. (That's January 1st to June 30th = 181 days, I know. But July, 1st is too late. I don't make the laws.) Anyway, the refills are only valid for 1 year from the day it was written. This means 365 days (January 1st-December 31st-not to January 1st...)

Why would you wait to get your prescription filled?

An older lady brought us a prescription she had obviously stashed in her purse some time ago.  We explained we could not fill it because it was too old.  With her years of wisdom and maturity forgotten, she tore up the prescription and threw it in the air to land all over my floor.  First, it was for an antibiotic.  Second, it was over 1 year old and she complained her doctor wanted her to have it because she "had something".  How about NO.  You just wanted the gift card for a new prescription and are mad at your own stupidity and inability to use a coupon.

The most common ones we see...

Oh, you're having a procedure done and the doctor gave this to you so you could fill it ahead of time and not worry about us being out of stock? Oh, it was written 3 months ago? Oh, your appointment is in 30 minutes? And you were supposed to start this 1 hour before? Sorry. We are not only out of stock, but my time machine is in the shop for repairs.
So this is for an infection? A UTI or other acute illness that prompted an ER visit in the middle of the night? The middle of the night 3 months ago? And you have to have it now? Sure thing. Our wait time is about 4-6 weeks...
Another ER visit? This time for pain meds? You were in so much pain that you had to go to the ER at 3am? And it's now noon? 6 weeks later? And you need it now? Sure. Come back in 10-15...days.

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